The Senior Citizens Organization of Cyprus has the pleasure to invite you to the 8th South Regional Conference (Spain – Malta – Italy – Greece – Cyprus) which will take place in Lefkosia (Nicosia), Cyprus on the 14th of October 2017 at 10:00 hr at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia.

We anticipate the participation of approximately 160 participants from Cyprus and abroad. This year’s working theme is ‘Technology & Active Ageing’. The Organizing Committee is working hard to provide a successful and educational conference with a unique opportunity for networking. The conference will be a trend-setting event where other scientists will draw inspiration from.

Participants will have the opportunity to enhance and exchange ideas on emerging subjects such as:
• The way digital technology affects our health
• How our increasing interaction with technology is changing the way our biology functions
• The benefits of engaging into technology
• Decreasing the rate of age-related degeneration by becoming increasingly active within a technological world
• New ways of viewing the process of ageing, and consider approaches that no longer depend on the human body seen magnification but on miniaturization

The conference is under the auspices of Mrs Zeta Emilianides, Minister of Labour and Social Insurance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia!

Antonios C. Demetriades, President
Senior Citizens Organization of Cyprus

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